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Wilmington-based digital marketing agency SISDigital is at it again with the launch of SkyNav™, an innovative and immersive experience-based WebVR product that is guaranteed to transform marketing for every industry that utilizes a website to assist with their business goals or wishes to give visitors a cutting edge web and virtual reality (VR) experience without the need for a mobile app.

SkyNav is a web-based, immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience that is being hailed as a “next-generation tool” for website development, and a game changer for industries that utilize proximity, location, physical tours, and other visual elements for their current marketing efforts for their product, business, or service. Users can immerse themselves from their desktop computer, mobile or tablets. The experience with VR can be accessed through most Android and iOS mobile devices via the web, and viewed currently on Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard (or similar), and numerous VR headsets on the market with no app install needed or necessary.

CEO Ty Downing explains the idea behind the product. “The idea of SkyNav was born from the marriage of the current WebVR craze, the lack of products that assist in promoting location-based communities, products, or services, as well as the industry’s inability to figure out how to make VR profitable for businesses,” Downing explains. “SISDigital has come up with the solution for the major thirst regarding WebVR content, and has finally gotten our first working module completed for St. James Plantation, a 6,000-acre golf and marina community as well as a city. It’s the next best thing to actually driving to St. James and taking the tour of the community yourself, which even then, you’re having to worry about travel there and being on someone else’s time,” CEO of SISDigital Ty Downing said. “With SkyNav, you can fly over the community utilizing 360° sky views, and when you see something that piques your interest, you can dive down for a ground’s-eye virtual tour or click on any of the rich media info beacons that explain more about certain places, allow you to watch a video or enter into additional 3D experiences then go back and resume your aerial journey,” he says. “At any time you can put on your VR capable devices. Best of all, with SkyNav, you can explore the community at your own pace and at your own convenience,” Downing said.

“SkyNav is a game changer for consumers to join the next generation of immersive experience, and we believe it will be a powerful addition to the website experience,” Downing said.

Director of Sales and Business Development Morgan Jones explains additional benefits of the product: “What makes SkyNav so appealing across so many different industries is the ability it has to compliment other marketing efforts to achieve goals- we foresee the product being able to help conversions on many different levels- be that KPIs for digital and traditional advertising and marketing, generating hot leads, or generating actual sales. There is so much room for customization,” Jones adds. “We’re beyond excited to keep pushing boundaries with the product. We’ve gotten a ton of interest from real estate companies, towns, communities, educational facilities, and more, and we’re excited to announce we will be creating a SkyNav tour for the Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB),! The tour is expected to roll out in early 2017.” Another incredible benefit? “That SkyNav was born and created locally, right here in ILM. This is a Silicon Valley level product that is being delivered to the nation from Wilmington, NC. That in itself is rewarding- talk about local pride!” SISDigital encourages businesses interested in the product to contact Jones directly as they roll out the early stages of SkyNav.

About SISDigital: Founded in 2008, SISDigital has been recognized as a global leader in customized digital and social training programs for national, international and enterprise organizations. Today, SISDigital operates as a full-service boutique digital agency with a focus on SEO, SEM, digital campaigns, viral marketing, mobile app launches, Inbound Marketing, social media management and campaign activations. Recent additions to SISDigital’s core services include WebVR, virtual and augmented reality applications, web design, branding, and being the first agency in Wilmington to be granted as a Google Maps Business View Trusted Agency, producing 360° virtual tours for area businesses, and real estate. SISDigital also has a Google Street View, FAA Section 107 and NCDOT certification and a certified HubSpot team member on staff.

For more information about SkyNav, and how your business can get started, or other media inquires, please see contact information below.

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