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You may have seen previews of the new virtual reality-based movie, Ready Player One, coming out on tomorrow, March 29. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the sci-fi movie is bound to be hit, slingshotting virtual reality into pop culture harder than video games already have. At SkyNav, we’re immersed in virtual reality 24/7. You can check out our VR ready tours here, but before doing that you’ll need to invest in some VR gear in order to experience and immerse yourself in the Virtual Reality world.

There are various brands of VR viewers and goggles to choose from. Using your mobile device you will enter VR mode, typically designated by the VR goggles icon, and then you will place your device inside a viewer. Make sure your notifications are off and your phone is set to stay unlocked. The viewer will either strap to your head, or you will hold it to your eyes depending on its level of fancy. VR viewers block out light and visual distractions allowing you to be fully transported into the scene before you. Please be sure you’re in a spacious safe environment before entering the VR world -no shark tanks, bear caves, cliffs, you get the picture. Below are a few of our favorite viewers here at SkyNav HQ.


Unofficial Cardboard – 

Price Range: $

What I enjoy most about Unofficial Cardboard is the affordability. You can get a virtual reality viewer for less than seven bucks, and Unofficial Cardboard can customize the viewers per experience. The low cost makes these viewers exceptional VR marketing tools, and there’s no fear in breaking high-quality equipment if the kids want a turn taking flight.

At SkyNav we have our very own branded viewers to share with prospective clients and to conduct in-house testing of our VR enabled tours.



Google Cardboard – 

Price Range: $ – $$

Google Cardboard, the original cardboard, is still an affordable option at 15 dollars. It’s a more structured and customizable cardboard when it comes to optimizing your view. You can experience VR enabled tours from your browser using your Google Cardboard, or you can access content using Google Cardboard’s app which pairs with their viewer. The app is preloaded with various VR experiences and game demos, where you can learn, create, play, and more. Google Cardboard has also teamed with other cardboard viewers from Mattel, Unofficial Cardboard (as above) and I AM CARDBOARD, making them Google certified.


Now, if you really want to step up your game, I mean next level, you will officially feel like those experiencing VR in the Ready Player One film using Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus.


Samsung Gear VR – 

Price Range: $$$

Samsung Gear VR is powered by Oculus, a brand well known in the VR world. Gear VR is hands-free and padded for comfort to wear for hours on end. This is considered a more high-end viewer being that is obviously not composed of cardboard, and its lenses are a more quality material. Gear VR also comes with a controller for gameplay so its not just your eyes leading you through an experience. It can even be used on a more personal level, viewing videos you’ve taken on your Samsung device or exploring potential vacations. Ultimately, if you’re looking to become one with virtual reality, just like in Ready Player One, then this is the headset for you. 

Which VR viewer best fits your needs and experience level? Let us know in the comments below!


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