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Are you using virtual tours to engage your prospective travelers? Buyers?

SkyNav tours are not your typical virtual tour, they are not a series of static images that slide left and right, nor are they a single embedded 360 panorama taken with a low-quality camera with no call to actions, SkyNav is a powerful immersive marketing system, built to convert visitors into bookings and purchases. What is SkyNav?

SkyNav is a series of custom 360 air to ground experiences chocked full of the client’s rich media, or digital assets. They are designed to put your city, hotel, golf course, resort or community on full display by allowing travelers to pan around inside HD quality imagery, in complete 360 degrees, the first of it’s kind to do this in the sky and ground. The user is as if they are actually above or at ground level. This allows the user to interactively explore the city or property in an immersive, almost virtual reality type setting. When visitors can get this much realism to your city or property, this leads to astronomical conversions which leads to bookings, visits, and purchases. Don’t believe the power of SkyNav immersive 360 tours? Take a look at some of these statistics, then see live examples and case studies of some of our clients below.

  • Websites with SkyNav tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without one.
  • Increases bookings and look-to-book conversion rates by as much as 16 to 67% according to research from TIG Global and Omni Hotels*
  • 400% Avg. increase time on site vs. traditional web pages

Conversion Machine – SkyNav Tours Give The Following:

  • Consumers given complete and more engaging visual information than static photographs
  • Makes your city, property stand out in a crowded online environment
  • Increases consumers’ confidence in your city, property and their motivation to book, buy
  • Differentiates your city, hotel, property from the competition based on the story your rich media tells, rather than competing on price alone*

The time is now
“Early adopters of this platform (immersive technology such as SkyNav) are enjoying a competitive edge, but it is only a matter of time until using VR, MR, and AR will no longer be a novelty. It is essential for brands to understand this technology today rather than trying to play catch up later. After all, it’s likely that your competitors are already learning how to leverage this platform to reach consumers.” source:

SkyNav’s proprietary programming and experiential marketing allow for a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that turns visitors into conversions. Since all tours are WebVR, each tour enables visitors to also see tours in virtual reality mode with ease.  Whether for a city, university, resort or master planned community, SkyNav has proven to be an all-inclusive immersive marketing powerhouse tool that has legit ROI. Are you ready to engage your visitors and increase bookings? Talk to us today.

SkyNav allows visitors to see a resort like they never have before. Case Study: Blockade Runner (See full tour here).

360 Immersive view of Blockade Runners amazing lobby. 

Amazing 360 experience of an oceanside view room. 

Durham, North Carolina like you have never before, from sky to ground, DUKE University to Bull Durham Stadium. (See full tour here)


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