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For all of us in the tourism industry, our bottom line is typically centered around profitability and sustainability. Ultimately, our primary objective is to generate revenue and ensure the long-term viability of our respective business. However, in today’s post-COVID digital age, the travel and tourism industry has become increasingly competitive, with businesses constantly seeking innovative solutions to attract and engage their customers to extend their stay. We all totally get that, right?

While we see a lot of solutions advertised, we at SKYNAV are introducing a proven new benchmark metric for tourism ROI (Return on Investment). Our newest metric is the Stay Extension Factor™ (SXF™), which has revolutionized the way guests experience destinations, extending their length-of-stay and generating significant revenue without the destination spending a dime. This blog post explains the logic and benefits of what SXF is in simple terms and the two key foundation elements: Eye-Inspiring Retention (EIR) and Visual-Impact Conversion (VIC) points.


    1. Eye-Inspiring Retention (EIR): Before we engineered a line of code, we studied the eye to brain, and brain to desire connection. Allow me to explain this briefly. Scientists have mapped the eye to brain connection, and it goes basically like this. When the eye sees something, it sends signals to the brain. The brain processes the visual information and compares it to past experiences. If it triggers positive associations, the brain releases chemicals that create a strong desire for it. Then, scientists also inform us that beautiful pictures and colors can stir deep desires by engaging our emotions and activating the brain’s reward system. When we see visually pleasing images or vibrant colors, they can evoke strong positive emotions and elicit a sense of pleasure. This pleasurable experience can further intensify our desire and attraction towards what we see. This is how we as humans are hard wired, we can’t resist this chain reaction that starts with the eye.

      Ok, enough science. We studied this and realized that to completely captivate guests, we had to provide them with most stunning imagery of destinations, creating an immersive experience that takes them way beyond what a static website can offer. The power of EIR lies in its ability to capture the imagination and stimulate all the senses, making visitors feel like they are truly present at the location (along with ambient sounds, they will almost feel the breeze caressing their skin and smell the coconut oil.) By showcasing a destination’s vast beauty and many attractions, SKYNAV inspires guests to explore longer and literally ‘get lost’ in discovering a desired location. Some of our SKYNAV clients have reported time on site over over an hour. A traditional website (which average 52 seconds time on site) fails to convey anything close. This visual richness not only entices visitors to extend their stay but also generates a sense of anticipation and excitement, fostering a deep connection with the destination even before their trip begins, and sharing this excitement with their friends, family, workmates, on their social channels, and anywhere else they can express their enthusiasm.

      WATCH Example: Tempe Tourism Office, Arizona

    2. Visual-Impact Conversion (VIC) points: SKYNAV’s VIC’s offer an in-experience solution that allows guests to reserve, book, and purchase products and services directly with SKYNAV’s sky tags and info beacons. These strategically placed beacons serve as convenient touchpoints throughout the virtual tour, enticing visitors with tempting offers and exclusive deals. The VIC beacons leverage the power of impulse purchasing by providing guests with a obstacle-free way to secure their desired experiences, accommodations, and services with a single click. The ease and convenience of making reservations within SKYNAV virtual tours significantly increase conversion rates, resulting in a substantial boost to revenue. On average, SKYNAV’s VIC beacons contribute to an impressive $1,142 per family of four, per day, providing an undeniable testament to their impact on ROI.

      REVIEW SKYNAV Statistics:

      The Stay Extension Factor™ (SXF™) in action: When these two elements, Eye-Inspiring Retention (EIR) and Visual-Impact Conversions (VIC), combine within the SKYNAV platform, the results are truly remarkable. Consider this: a family of four that decides to extend their vacation by three days due to their being fully immersed in your destination, planning, thinking, wishing, dreaming back and forth they go, not wanting to miss any of the enticing offerings of their chosen destination or spending extra time in a special place with the fam. By utilizing captivating visuals and beacons’, SKYNAV’s Stay Extension Factor™, for those three extra days unlocks an additional revenue potential of $3,426 from this one family. And that is just one booking. How many booking does your website generate per month? Do the math on this, then call us.

      WATCH Testimonial: Los Cabos Tourism Board, Mexico


We are very excited about our new Stay Extension Factor™ metric, its generating unparalleled revenue opportunities for our clients and partners. In some cases, the SXF pays for the entire SKYNAV tour in just over a month! As businesses ramp up for 2024 when travel is forecasted to be all the way back to pre-COVID levels, the travel industry is racing to adapt to evolving customer expectations, and are embracing the power of SKYNAV’s virtual tour platform which is maximizing ROI and delivering exceptional guest experiences. As Taylor Swift would ask, ‘Are you ready for it?’

If you’re ready to turn your website into a profit machine, contact Tim and he’ll give you a demo under the hood, help you with the best solution that meets your destinations needs and revenue targets. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Tim today. Trust us, you won’t regret it




Tim Moore

Partner | SKYNAV

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